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Educational Initiatives

Ages 6 to 10

¡Viva Nuestra Energía!

The educational program ¡Viva nuestra energía! is a Fundación EDP's program also available in Portugal. Its objective is to educate and raise awareness about energy sources and about the efficient use of natural resources. It is aimed at schoolchildren between 6 and 10 years old (from 1st to 4th grade of primary school). The activity lasts one hour and is directed by two monitors who impart the content in a playful and participatory manner. Through a multimedia exhibition, students get to know the Energy Worlds guided by their inhabitants: Nano Solano (solar world), Vera Ribera (hydraulic world), Lolo Eolo (wind world), Juan Volcán (geothermal world) and Tomás Biomás (world of biomass). And next to them, the world of fossil energies by the hand of Carlos Caldera.

After the exposition, the students receive advice on energy efficiency and, to consolidate the knowledge acquired, at the end of the session, they participate in a set of questions in teams. The Program exists since 2010 in several Spanish provinces and has reached, as of 2018, 265,000 children. The program is approved by the Ministries of Education of the different Autonomous Communities and EDP sends an invitation to the schools at the beginning of the school year so that the interested centers can participate in the program. The workshop is taught in an itinerant classroom. The teachers of each group participating in the initiative receive material related to the activity that allows them to reinforce the acquired concepts in the classroom.

Ages 9 to 12

Voluntariado EDP

Building a battery with a potato and an electric circuit, taught by EDP volunteers in the schools of their choice. Aimed at primary school students.

Professional Education Centers

FP Dual

Students are incorporated in practices that combine their stay in the company with their theoretical training at the Center. Duration is 2 years (2000 hours). They are assigned a tutor who will accompany them in their practical training. Students who live in the Local Communities of the EDP producing centers have priority. Currently (2018) there are 17 students.

University students

EDP ​​Seminar

4 days seminar. Program taught by EDP employees from the different areas of the company. It is taught at the Universities of Industrial Engineering of Gijón and Mining Engineering of Oviedo.

University Internships

Practices in EDP for 6 months, extendable for 1 year. Annually 150-200 interns are enrolled in the different departments of EDP, where they are assigned a tutor.