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Everything you need to know about us

We've collected together the most relevant information about EDP in Spain.

Who we are

EDP is a leading company in the energy market in Spain, a force in the generation, distribution and commercialization of electricity and gas. EDP is the foremost provider of gas in the Cantabria and the Basque regions, as well as in Asturias where it is also the leading electrical operator. The EDP Group operates in fourteen countries.

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Vision, Values and Commitments


expressed in the behavior and attitude of our people.


from our shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders.


in our performance.


aiming to improve the quality of life of present and future generations.


with the objective of creating value in the areas we work on.

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    Operational Indicators

    EDP leads the quality of electricity supply in Spain. In 2016, the TIEPI (Interruption Time Equivalent to Installed Power) index was 24 minutes .


    MW Installed Capacity in Spain

    EDP has the most efficient electricity generation centers in the country.

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    Key Data 2016

    The company's approach to efficiency and cost control has yielded results which already account for 19% of the EDP Group's EBITDA.


    Net income (M€)


    EBITDA (M€)

      Number of employees



        Number of contracts



        Number of gas and electricity contracts

          Customers are at the center of all decisions. This proximity is reflected in the recognition as a Leader in Customer Experience (ISCX 2016), as the company that has the most loyal and satisfied customers in the sector. In addition, EDP has the best customer service center in Spain (CRC Gold Awards).

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          EDP is positioning itself in Spain as a relevant global operator in sustainable mobility, in line with its commitment to society and the environment.


          ktCO2 avoided emissions in 2016.
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          Social responsability

          La FUNDACIÓN EDP tiene como misión reforzar el compromiso de la compañía con la sociedad en los ámbitos geográficos donde desarrolla su actividad

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