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The first edition of the EDP Fundation Academy promotes the development of NGO

Thursday 25, July 2019
Countries – Espanha

Volunteers employed by EDP d experts in areas such as finance, human resources or marketing have shared their knowledge with members of 32 social entities from Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country and Madrid.

The EDP Foundation Academy, focused on Third Sector entities, has successfully completed its first edition. During seven months, the 32 social organizations have developed and strengthened their organizational capacities through different actions.

The entities were selected from all the editions of the EDP Solidaria integral support program to participate in this academy. They have been able to follow in person and online training sessions on all the areas that influence when coordinating the activities of an NGO. The organizations come mainly from Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country and Madrid.

The topics presented have been diverse and cover almost every day of every organization. Human resources management, sustainable maintenance of finances, the creation of a Social Responsibility Plan, the adoption of measures that favor energy saving and efficiency, compliance with the data protection law or the implementation of an effective communication and marketing plan have been some of the areas addressed. They have attended about 200 people to the different classes, in person or by streaming.

The main purpouse of the EDP Foundation Academy is to help managing each organization resources efficiently. NGO have had EDP employees who are currently active and who participate in the EDP Volunteering program as teachers, as well as experts from the Stone Soup consultancy.

Manuel Menéndez, president of the EDP Foundation, has taught a master class as a culmination of the Academy. He insisted that in order to achieve strategic alliances that enrich all parties, there must be involvement not only of economic resources but also of people, emphasizing that this human component is what reinforces the cohesion between the two organizations.

Vanda Martins, general director of the EDP Foundation, said that his goal is to give continuity to the initiative and expand the topics that will be included in future editions of the academy. He also pointed out that there is the possibility of exporting this training model and integral accompaniment to other countries. Martins also stressed that this initiative is an example of how EDP can bring much value to society.

The Academy now completes the activity of its first edition with tutorials and in september there will be personalized mentoring sessions for 5 of the participating NGO.