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Icer Brakes Group joins forces with EDP to launch its first self-consumption photovoltaic installation

Thursday 25, June 2020
Solar Energy

Icer Brakes will save 19% on its annual electricity consumption, equivalent to the average consumption of 700 homes

Icer Brakes Group is committed to energy saving. The largest independent European manufacturer of friction material, such as brake pads and discs, has teamed up with EDP to launch its first self-consumption photovoltaic installation in Spain. The plant has just started to be installed in its modern production center in Tudela, Navarra, and will allow it to save 19% of its electricity consumption each year.

The installation, which will come into operation this year, has a power of 1.8 MWp. The electric energy generated for self-consumption will allow Icer Brakes to save each year the equivalent to the average annual consumption of 700 households (more than 2,500 MWh). During its entire useful life, 25 years, it will be able to generate the electrical energy consumed by all Tudela homes for one year (almost 60,000 MWh).

Icer Brakes Group thus reinforces one of its strategic priorities, its environmental commitment and its commitment to renewable resources and energy in its production processes.


Self-consumption through this photovoltaic plant will avoid the emission of 600 tons of CO2 every year, that is, it produces a positive impact on air quality similar to that generated by 45,000 new trees.

EDP ​​is in charge of all the procedures and licenses, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of the installation. The agreement also includes access to a consumption management system, with which Icer Brakes Group will be able to know at all times and in real time both the energy generated by its photovoltaic plant and the consumption it makes at its facilities.

This installation is part of the line of projects that EDP develops for its industrial clients. The company offers the latest technological innovations, adapted to each need and generating strategic alliances with the aim of increasing business competitiveness through energy savings.