Basics elements for the Management of Occupational Risk Prevention at EDP Spain.

Managing the prevention of EDP workers' occupational risks is a joint effort that requires the contribution of all. EDP's Prevention Management System is the most important tool at our disposal, with a view to continuous improvement.

What are the basic elements of EDP's Prevention Management?

  1. A visible and permanent commitment of the Board of Directors and the entire EDP chain of command.
  2. A consolidated, documented and communicated prevention, following the basic principles approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. A 'Zero accidents' goal.
  4. An organization based on everyone's involvement to achieve the company's prevention goals.
  5. Understanding that prevention is as important as any other element. Providing resources to implement the plans at all levels.
  6. An organization to support prevention, with specialized technicians.
  7. Preventive practices must be fully documented and updated.
  8. Preventive observations on all levels to correct hazardous situations.
  9. Effective communication between all elements of the organization.
  10. Continuous training.
  11. Accident analysis, following the principle that "All accidents can be avoided."
  12. Progressive motivation, taking into account everyone's active participation.
Flow chart of the SPM SGPRL model