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This Cookies Policy seeks to provide transparent and specific information as to how the personal data gathered when using this website are used.It is with that in mind that EDP España, S.A.U describes in this Cookies Policy how, when and why Cookies are used in this website.  

This website uses Cookies not only to guarantee that we offer a personalised and unique experience, but also to be able to share aggregated data with our technological partners that will allow us to improve, on an ongoing and integrated basis, our website and your browsing experience.  

For any query or clarification regarding the cookies policy, please contact EDP by email at or at the following address:Plaza del Fresno 2, 33007, Oviedo.

What are cookies?

Cookies are digital files with small pieces of information (and usually with a unique identifier), which are downloaded and stored on the website visitor's device.They can be temporary (automatically deleted when the browser is closed) or persistent (up to a defined expiration date), as well as their own (defined by the entity that operates the site) or the responsibility of third parties.

Cookies can be classified in relation to the purpose pursued.There are Cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of the website ("Technical Cookies"), while others are used to know where the user is when requesting a service ("Geolocation Cookies"), or to provide statistical information with the intention to analyse the use of the website and the respective performance (“Analytical Cookies.”).There are Cookies that are used to make additional functionalities available on the website or to save the visitor’s browsing preferences of the visitor, whenever you use the same device ("Customisation cookies").Other cookies allow you to manage more effectively the advertising displayed during browsing, whether own or third parties,  by adapting the content to the use you make of our website ("Advertising and profiling cookies" ).

You can get more detailed information about cookies from two platforms that have no legal or commercial relationship with EDP España, S.A.U.: or

You can also find out more about the Cookies that are used in this website from the list in Section 4 of this cookies policy.

Why use cookies?

The use of Cookies is a common practice in all websites. It does not harm in any way the devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)on which they are stored and allows a better experience of using the platforms themselves, both in terms performance and in terms of navigation, since the available content will be more oriented to the real needs and expectations of the users.

Cookies also allow the Website to store information about your visit, as well as your preferred language, your location, the recurrence of your sessions and other variables that we consider relevant to make your search experience much more user-friendly and efficient.

Cookies used and respective purposes

EDP España S.A.U. details below the information related to the Cookies used on the website, as well as the purposes of processing the data that justify them.

This website or the emails sent by EDP España S.A.U. may contain links to other websites or applications, including those that are the responsibility of other partners.In the event that you access one of those links or applications, you must take into consideration that the respective Cookies Policies are the sole responsibility of the entities that generate them.For this reason, you as the user must read the Cookies Policies of other platforms or applications before using them.

The following link is to the Google website with the description of the type of cookies that Google Analytics uses and their expiry period

You can also consult the Google cookies policy through the following link:

The EDP España, S.A.U. website can also use features that are fully managed by third-party entities, such as the Facebook “Share” or “Like” buttons.These features can gather the IP of the users, the pages visited on the Platform and generate a Cookie, so that the feature performs as expected.The users’ interaction with these tools is exclusively regulated by the Privacy Policy of the respective entities.

Should I accept the use of cookies?

Pursuant to current legislation, with the exception of strictly necessary cookies and performance / analysis cookies, this website may only resort to the use of Cookies through the prior and express consent of the visitor.  EDP España S.A.U. undertakes to use Cookies only for the purposes referred to in the previous point.

It is important to mention that the use of Cookies is essential for the proper functioning of the website as a whole, so its acceptance is recommended.

Cookies management

Most browsers allow control over the cookies stored in the visitor's devices, as well as their immediate elimination, in case the user intends to stop allowing the local storage of Cookies.

Users can always configure the devices and browsers they use to accept all or some Cookies, to notify whenever a cookie is issued, or never to receive Cookies.So that visitors can, in a simple and intuitive way, manage their Cookies from their browser, they can use one of the following links:

  • For more information on “Private Browsing” and management of Cookies in the Firefox browser here.
  • For more information on “Private Browsing” and management of Cookies in the Chrome browser here.
  • For more information on “Private Browsing” and management of Cookies in the Internet Explorer browser here.
  • For more information on “Private Browsing” and management of Cookies in the Safari browser here.
  • For more information on “Private Browsing” and management of Cookies in the Opera browser here.

International data transfers

Own cookies

The data stored will not be transferred internationally.

Third-party cookies

You as the user can find out about the transfer to third countries performed, as applicable, by the third parties identified in Section 4 of this cookies policies in their relevant policies.

Rights of the interested parties

You should read our Privacy Policy for further information on our data processing, as well as on the way to exercise your rights and how to file a claim with the EDP España S.A.U. Data Protection Officer and/or the relevant supervisory authority.

You can refuse the use of cookies on this website and revoke any consent given using the following tool

Amending the cookies policy

This cookies policy can be updated and amended at any time by EDP España, S.A.U. We therefore recommended that you check this policy each time you access our website to make sure you are adequately informed about how and for what purpose we use cookies.


For any aspect relating to the Cookies Policy of this website, please contact EDP España, S.A.U. at