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We are creating a new energy on the planet

Solar Energy

Savings, efficiency and sustainability. Start enjoying all the advantages of solar energy in your home, business and company.

Teatro EDP Gran Vía

The first theater that converts people's energy into kilowatt hours for charitable projects.

edp is a global energy company

We are one of the major energy sector players in the Iberian Peninsula. The group is present in Spain through generation, distribution and commercialization of electricity, gas and utility services.

EDP Annual Report 2020

Changing Tomorrow Now

Change has been our driver as we deliver an agile network with more efficient, smart and sustainable solutions. We are playing our part for a more balanced and sustainable world, one that is inclusive, diverse and humane.

We're changing tomorrow now.



EDP Production Centers

Discover our production centers and be amazed by their history, architecture and technology.

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Customized products and services

Discover the most innovative market solutions: self-consumption, electric mobility and efficiency services

EDPES-Movilidad eléctrica diciembre 2020