EDP España innovates to offer consumers a central role in the energy challenges

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EDP España innovates to offer consumers a central role in the energy challenges

Friday 02, August 2019

Javier Sáenz de Jubera has declared that the energy company strives to give prominence to the client in the energy transition process

Consumers wish to be partakers of the energy transition, and the evolution of the market and technological development encourage the citizen to undertake a leading role. This is what Javier Sáenz de Jubera has described in his speech at the 2019 Courses of La Granda, in Asturias (Spain). The General Director of EDP España contributed to the session on the topic 'Energy sources and climate change', held on Wednesday, August 2 with the support of the Spanish Energy Club.

During his lecture, Saénz de Jubera affirmed that EDP works in the development of distributed generation and electric mobility. Two areas where the customer is called to be part of this new model of electricity and gas consumption, thanks to the innovations in products and services that EDP offers to them in terms of electric cars and domestic solar energy.

For his part, Luis Santos, head of innovation at EDP Spain, has been a speaker at the course called ‘Asturian companies facing the challenge of I+D+I’ held on July 31. Santos said that the commitment to research and innovation is crucial to grow in the new scenario that arises. Collaboration between large companies and startups is decisive for the implementation of joint initiatives, he said.

Also, Ramón Bobes, head of Studies of EDP Spain, joins in a talk entitled ‘The consumer. Neuralgic center of the system (Role of the citizen in the transition. Empowerment. Tools) within the course ‘A global and fair transition of the energy industry’. The program of the Courses of the Granda reaches a whole month until August 31.