Our innovation operating model is based on a rapid adoption logic with a well-defined purpose of accelerating impactful new businesses and promoting the rapid adoption of innovative solutions to lead the energy transition.

We seek to solve energy transition challenges by integrating new technologies, processes and products, as well as innovative business models into EDP's business to improve competitiveness and create value for stakeholders.

Innovation Projects
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Project for the development of technology and new knowledge, based on the Digital Correlation Technique in relation to the dynamic effects generated by the electrotechnical equipment
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Hydrogen industry deployment in Asturias
EDP participates in this project, which is one of those that have been selected within the Asturias Science Missions 2021 program
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MAPRESTAS is a project whose objective is to study the circular economy of strategic raw materials for Asturias
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Green Firebrick
Development of a pilot tunnel kiln for firing refractory bricks using green hydrogen as fuel.
Innovation areas

7 + 1 innovation areas aligned with corporate strategy and market trends

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Renewable energies

their integration and flexibility, to help EDP achieve its renewables

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enablers of the energy transition

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Distributed energy systems

supporting B2B and B2C customers in the development of their distributed generation solutions

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Green hydrogen

to support the energy transition in sectors whose activities are predominantly dependent on carbon-emitting solutions

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Energy storage and flexibility

which tests new storage and flexibility management technologies

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Sustainable mobility

upporting EDP's customers in their transition to electric mobility and providing associated services

Decarbonization of energy uses

which supports EDP customers' decarbonization efforts by developing new solutions and accelerating their adoption

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Open box

space for the development of ideas and projects that do not fit rigidly into any of the other areas