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EDP launches ‘MiVe’, the first comprehensive electrical mobility service in Spain

Friday 11, December 2020
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The company promotes savings and sustainability among electric vehicle drivers

EDP has just launched the first comprehensive electric mobility solution. MiVe' is the energy company's commitment to meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers, who have at their disposal a service for charging at home, away from home and also assistance.

The Director of Sustainable Mobility at EDP Spain, Javier Martínez, pointed out that "at EDP we always put people as our first priority and this is how we have designed 'MiVe', a customer-configurable service that covers all the needs for home and away-from-home charging and other services related to mobility. With 'MiVe' we will promote electric mobility, which is one of our strategic priorities, as well as further the use of electric transport to make present and future mobility as sustainable as possible”.

The different features offered by 'MiVe' can be set up via web, where customers indicate which ones they want to incorporate into the service. Depending on the features they select, the platform calculates the monthly fee that the service will have.

Charging at home is one of the highlights of the service and is also the most economical for drivers. ‘MiVe’ offers solutions for both family homes and flats in a building. It is in the garage where the vehicles are parked most of the time, so it presents itself as the main charging point. Charging the energy needed to cover 100 kilometers costs 50 cents, a saving of 90% compared to combustion vehicles. Customers can also request the supply of electric energy for their home to be linked to this mobility service.

Customers can choose the installation and maintenance of a charger, the connector (type 1 and 2) and the desired power (3.7 kW or 7.4 kW). EDP also takes care of the legality of the installation.

These chargers are designed with the regulatory electrical protections and incorporate a smart power control. Since they are connected to the home's meter, the system supervises and manages the power demand, giving priority to the household’s consumption. This presents considerable savings, since, with 4.7 kW of power, which is the most common at home, it would be enough.

EDP also offers the possibility of installing charging points that have been purchased by the drivers themselves.

For street charging, 'MiVe' offers different vouchers depending on the number of kilometers that drivers plan to cover during the year. They can recharge at all the points integrated in the EDP Move On platform, with almost 500 currently available throughout Spain. The energy they recharge at these facilities will come from 100% renewable sources. Customers will also have up to 1,500 kilometers of recharge available at public access points when they sign up for the service.

As for the other benefits offered by the service, EDP offers a wide range of assistance in partnership with AXA.

Customers have a replacement vehicle at their disposal for five days a year that can be used whenever they need it. They can also request a long-distance transfer of the electric vehicle within a 400-kilometre radius.

The combination of these two services is intended, for example, for holiday periods, making it possible to travel in a combustion engine replacement car without having to recharge it and enjoy the electric car at the destination.

The service includes assistance or recharging in the event of an issue with the battery life, and you can request a transfer to the nearest charging point.

With this innovative service, EDP takes another step forward in its commitment to electric mobility, reinforcing its strategy of providing its customers with the most innovative solutions adapted for every need. At the same time, the company is working on expanding its charging points in public spaces, through agreements with different companies and entities that see sustainable mobility as a key component for the expansion of electric transportation.