A commitment with prevention.

Occupational risk prevention is a responsibility and mission of all individuals who are part of the EDP team, and we believe that accidents can always be avoided. This is the basis of the EDP Prevention Management System.

Mission and commitment

  • Occupational safety, hygiene and health are crucial aspects of the activities within the EDP Group, and all decisions take these elements into account.
  • Such activities are based on respect for, and compliance with, all applicable rules, procedures and instructions.
  • It is a crucial component of the duties assigned to the Board of Directors, which is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations, assuming a visible and permanent personal commitment, training and informing its employees, and controlling the working environment.
  • Each company within the Group assumes the management of its activities, at all times and in any situation, with the aim of achieving "zero accidents".
  • Occupational safety must be achieved through a systematic analysis of the risks to which employees and service providers are exposed.
  • Systematically researching and analyzing accidents and near accidents is a basic prerequisite to continuously improve the efficiency of the Group's activities and minimize occupational accidents and diseases.
  • Safety procedures must be permanently updated, according to the existing risks and local regulations.


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