Support measures against COVID-19

EDP comparte su energía con los sanitarios españoles

EDP ofrece ayuda del 20% de descuento en el consumo eléctrico a los profesionales de los servicios autonómicos de salud

Con el objetivo de reforzar el apoyo a los sanitarios que están en primera línea en la lucha contra la Covid-19, tanto si ya eres cliente actualmente como si te cambias a EDP, disfruta durante 2 meses del descuento en el consumo eléctrico.


Aim: 10 million solidarity steps to help Red Cross

EDP has organized the first indoor solidarity race, #EDPEchaUnCable, which consisted of adding up the participants' steps to transform them into financial support for the Red Cross. It responds, specifically, to the entity's employment initiatives. Thousands of people have participated in the initiative through social networks, encouraged by the world and European marathon champion, Martin Fiz. Together they have achieved the objective, adding up to more than 10 million steps, which EDP will transform into a 50,000€ for employment's financial support.

Solidarity customers

Homemade masks, respirators, visors made with 3D printers, voluntary support networks for disadvantaged groups... Initiatives to alleviate the health and social effects of the new coronavirus are increasingly numerous. EDP joins this common effort, providing, free of charge and for two months, the energy consumed by the solidarity projects in the fight against Covid-19.

Individuals and organizations interested in applying for this aid, which is part of the "Solidarity Customers" fund, should write an e-mail to FondoClientesSolidarios@edp.com indicating the address of the supply and the ID card of the holder of the energy contract, with a brief description of the project and a forecast of its social impact.

Clientes solidarios medidas frente COVID19

Free energy supply to solidarity hotels

EDP supplies free energy to those hotel clients who are supporting the public health system, giving up their facilities facing the situation resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Room Mate Hotels, Kike Sarasola's company, was the first to offer its facilities.

This service will continue during these weeks of state of emergency.

Funding for innovative projects against Covid-19

EDP will support innovative initiatives in the fight against Covid-19.

The aim is to encourage, strengthen and help develop innovative projects aimed at providing solutions in the fight against the coronavirus and its consequences on society.

More information will be available soon.

Electrical power reduction plan for customers

Our energy, the best ally for your business.

We adapt your energy contract for the duration of the state of emergency. Reduce your energy bill by lowering the power if your business has had to slow down its activity.

To readjust it again, you just have to let us know 5 days before your return.

If you do not have any equipment to keep connected, you can temporarily interrupt your electricity supply contract.

Free of charge
Free of charge
Reset it again
when you need it

Call 900 928 180

From 9 a.m to 5 p.m (From Monday to Friday -  Working days).   

Now, more than ever, we share with you all our energy.


plan de reducción medidas frente COVID 19

Guarantee of energy supply

Telephone and digital channel support

People are our priority

We take care of our customers, employees and partners.

These days we will resolve your requests through our network of agents in their homes for security reasons. We apologize for any technical issues that may arise.

People at the service of people to shorten distances

Our offices will remain closed. Contact us for any consultation through edponline, our web or the free telephone 24h, 900 907 000.

Update your details to receive important information.
Check your contact details on edponline or call 900 907 000 so that we can send you important communications.

Now, more than ever, we share our energy with you.

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