Fundación EDP

Areas of action


It contributes actively to the training of university students through scholarship programs offered, facilitating the insertion of those students in the work market. Several initiatives have been implemented in elementary and secondary schools, aimed at the rational use of energy and renewable energy.
Another main area of interest is the investigation into everything related to energy and energy efficiency, as well as relevant aspects of biomedicine and biotechnology, which represent a clear commitment to the future.

Focusing on areas of paramount importance such as education, culture, social and the environment, all from a global sustainable development  perspective, in which the generation and efficient and responsible use play a decisive role.


Support for various cultural activities, such as music, preservation of historical and artistic heritage or recognition of human values through initiatives which disseminate their exemplary nature.


A mainstay in this area is the preservation and recovery of unique environmental areas, and all this is done through educational, outreach activities and direct intervention in those spaces.


It actively contributes to improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged groups in areas where the Group is present. This is achieved with the implementation of initiatives that promote full employment and social integration of these groups. Also in the sports branch, it collaborates with activities that have a significant social impact, such as popular races or similar events.