Ethics is a constant thought of man before his action. To the company, ethics is a necessary condition for the sustained success of economic activities and for the exercise of responsible citizenship, areas in which EDP stands out for its exemplariness. Throughout its existence, EDP has built a strong ethical standing that covers these areas and which is at present a fundamental pillar of its reputation.

EDP's identity is based on essential ethical principles: a permanent role in promoting and consolidating trust relationships with all stakeholders; an integral performance in all areas of intervention; a role of responsible protagonist of the profound changes in the energy sector, in the digital revolution, in the struggle for an environment that ensures a sustainable future for all.

This is our way of being and working, it is "our energy!"


The EDP Code of Ethics is the public expression of "our energy!"

It is our reference document, which conveys the way we work and the way we like to be viewed by our stakeholders - employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community.

Last year we reviewed the Company's Code of Ethics - the first edition of which dates back to 2005 - with a view to making the document more current, allowing for a more direct address of the ethical issues that are very relevant today for EDP, and for its insertion in society in general, in such complex and demanding times.

ethics ombudsperson
Manuela Silva
Ethics Ombudsperson of EDP Group
The Ethics Ombudsperson is a means of last resort and, of course, a fundamental facilitator in the dissemination of the guidelines established by the EDP Code of Ethics.
EDP's ethical building is based on fundamental pillars such as, in addition to the Code of Ethics, the companies' Ethics Committees, the various Ethics channels made available to all interested parties, the Ethics Ombudsperson.

To be highlighted from the Ethics Ombudsperson's duties - a figure created by the board of ethics in 2009 - is being an independent, impartial listener, who respects confidentiality and anonymity, and who is available to all who seek him in order to contribute to clarify situations of an eventually ethical nature, and that does so within the framework of the Company's ethical principles.
evaluation of ethical performance
At EDP, ethical performance is assessed by taking into account aspects such as the perception of stakeholders and the culture and management indicators, that are consolidated in the Ethicis index, Corporate Ethical Performance Index.
In addition to this index, an annual report is published exclusively on the subject, which gives an account of the most important initiatives related to ethics, and the balance of ethical complaints in the Group is made. The Company grants particular importance to the external evaluation that is conducted by the Ethisphere Institute, who for the past nine years has regarded EDP as one of the “World Most Ethical Companies,” and who allows a comparison with companies that, worldwide, follow best practices in matters of Ethics and Compliance. Likewise, EDP has already obtained the maximum rating in the “bribery prevention” theme in the FTSE4Good index, maintaining a prominent position in the “Codes of Conduct/Compliance/Corruption and bribery” criterion of the Dow Jones Sustainability indexes.


Code of Conduct for Top Management and Senior Financial Officers

EDP Group has a global presence and is managed, worldwide, by men and women of different generations, cultures and patterns of behaviour. This diversity is valued and promoted as a wealth factor. The aim of the Code of Conduct for Top Management and Senior Financial Officers is to promote harmony and explain, internally and externally, the matrix of conduct in effect. This code of conduct does not replace the EDP Code of Ethics, but rather strengthens and complements it, using as a lens the responsibility and the power of the person who was called to assume the duties of Supervision, Administration and Top Management in the EDP Group.