EDP sustainable development goals (SDG)

-75% CO2

Reduce specific CO2 emissions by 75% by 2030 (compared to 2005)

+ 75% in installed renewable energy sources

Contribute to the increase in the production of electricity from renewable sources, exceeding 75% of installed capacity in 2020

Wave power

Offshore Wind power

Wind power

>75% of production


Solar energy

Achieve more than 1 TWh of savings

Continuously offer its customers products and services that contribute to greater efficiency in energy end use, reaching more than 1 TWh of accumulated savings until 2020 (compared to 2014)

Encourage collaborations in research process

and development of clean technologies, energy efficiencies and smart grids, investing € 200m until 2020

Develop partnerships

Intelligent networks

Energy efficiency

Clean Technologies


Smart meters installation

Extend smart meters installation to 90% of low-voltage customers of the EDP Group in the Iberian Peninsula until 2030, within the framework of the new paradigm for the operation of smart grids