Natura 2000
Formed by
Places of Community Interest (PCI)* which become Zones of Special Conservation (ZSC)* according to the Habitats Directive
PCI (Place of Community Interest)
Spaces that contribute to the maintenance and recovery of natural habitats and protected species in their natural range.
SCA (Special Conservation Area)
The official SCA and the PCIs have been declared by the Member States within a maximum period of six years after their publication in the Official Journal of the European Community (ECJ). They are governed by special conservation measures.
Special Areas for Protection of Birds (SAPB)*
Declared SAPB
Appointed by Member States and communicated to the EU.
Virtual SAPB
They meet criteria but have not been designated as such by Member States.
Natura Network in Spain
Protected Maritime Area and Protected Land Area
Pci and SAPB in Spain
Natura Network Europe
The member countries of the European Union must:
Ensure the conservation of these habitats and species in their natural range.
Be managed through specific plans for each area. In Spain, more than 70% of management plans have already been approved in 2015.
The European Commission carries out regular updates of the Natura 2000 list to collect new sites or modifications to the already designated proposal of the Autonomous Communities and Member States.
Protected Maritime Area and Protected Land Area
Other countries
Did you know...
Spain is by far the most EU country that has included more than 220,000 Km2 on the Network, "which represents almost 19% of the total area of the Natura 2000 Network the whole EU"
The Natura 2000 Network is the largest conservation action undertaken by the European Union.
Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Dec 2015
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