Instalación solar realizada por EDP

Draxton chooses EDP to accelerate its global energy transition supported by the technologies of the future

Tuesday 21, November 2023
  • The long-term agreement stands out for promoting nearly 14 MWp of photovoltaic power projects in Europe & Asia.

  • This way, both companies initiate their partnership in R&D and new innovation projects.

EDP has announced a strategic partnership with Draxton, a global company focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of mechanized cast iron components and highly engineered aluminium for commercial and passenger vehicles. This alliance reaffirms the commitment of both companies with the transition to sustainability and EDP's goal of achieving a fully green future in the year 2030.

This alliance is initially centered around promoting sustainability and innovation through the implementation of photovoltaic power projects in the various Draxton plants located in Europe & Asia.

The estimated annual production in the four Spanish Draxton plants will be equivalent to the average electricity consumption of around 3,000 homes every year. By using renewable energy for a significant part of their consumption, this electro-intensive company will avoid the yearly emission of more than 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). This initiative highlights EDP and Draxton’s joint commitment in tackling current and future challenges in the energy sector, driving Draxton’s accelerated decarbonization and promoting a positive environmental impact.

Its focus on the adoption of the latest available technology is one of the partnership’s most notable qualities. Both companies have committed to collaborate in terms of technological development to implement new applications that may promote sustainability and innovation in the energy sector in preparation for any challenges the future may have in store.

“This alliance represents a meaningful step in our path towards the sustainability and decarbonization of our operations. Here in Draxton we are committed with boosting innovation and the adoption of the newest technologies available to reduce our environmental impact and to contribute to the fight against Climate Change. Our dedication to sustainability is no mere company compromise, but rather a responsibility towards future generations, and this partnership is more evidence of our resolve in this direction”, mentioned Alberto Hernández, Draxton director in Europe and Asia.

As for EDP, Vera Pinto Pereira, board of EDP Commercial, points out that “we are a company firmly committed with our energetic transition, which we are leading, and alliances such as this one are essential for the achievement of our goals of decarbonizing our companies. In EDP we keep on working in search of innovating, custom-made solutions for our customers, solutions with which to answer a variety of challenges we face by adopting more sustainable practices.”

In addition, this partnership is in perfect sync with EDP’s strategic plan for the 2023-2026 period, in which the company plans to make investments worth 25 billion euros aimed to accelerate the deployment of renewable energies, improve the electricity system’s flexibility and design innovative solutions for its customers. This ambitious plan will contribute notably to EDP’s goal of reaching 100% green energy by 2030.

EDP and Draxton are committed to the creation of a more sustainable future, driving innovation and technological collaboration to face tomorrow’s challenges and leave positive legacy for future generations.