The energy of people, protagonist in EDP's pavilion at FIDMA

Friday 02, August 2019

EDP presents its pavilion for the 63 Asturias International Trade Fair, which will take place between August 3 and 18 in the Luis Adaro Fairground

Activities that transform energy, concerts of Asturian bands, games and workshops for children, and the latest innovations of the energy sector. That is how EDP presents its pavilion for the 63 Asturias International Trade Fair, which will take place between August 3 and 18 in the Luis Adaro Fairground.

EDP’s space is divided in several zones. In the pavilion’s interior, the visitors can get informed and contract the company’s services and products, as well as enjoy the activities in the exhibition area. In the exterior, it has programmed seven musical acts and there is where children will enjoy with inflatables, games and workshops.

In the exhibition area, people will transform their energy through several activities and live a unique visual experience in ‘The light, a spectacle’, a room where they will be surprised by a game of lights.

One of the activities is a photocall, with a virtual background that changes according to the voice and what the people taking the picture say. Each image is unique and can be printed in the pavilion itself after sharing it in social media, where EDP has taken different actions related to the Trade Fair. The company has already raffled 400 free tickets among its Facebook followers and will give another 600 invitations among the participants of the raffles made during the Fair days.

If the first thing they get is an unrepeatable picture, people can take another souvenir in the form of tattoo. For it, they just have to pronounce a word into a microphone. What they say will transform into a sound wave, which is visible and printed over skin. It is made with cosmetic ink, with certified ingredients, so it can be easily removed.

The energy of people can also be transformed into art with a light spray, that, when moved across the air, creates incredible artworks that are seen on a screen in real time.

In the commercial area, visitors can get informed and contract EDP’s services and products. These include the new tariff Maximum Savings 24 hours, with significant discounts for light and gas; the Funciona service; and the most innovative solutions for electric mobility and self-consumption, among others. Moreover, they will be able to register in the free electronic billing service and to get presents in the point program area, which they can also donate to charitable entities or to tree planting.

Children will test their energy in the games, inflatables and workshops located in the exterior area. Among other activities, they will play with a robot that moves with wind, use thermochromatic films that change color thanks to the heat given off by their bodies, or participate in gymkhanas in which they must collaborate with other children to complete the games.

EDP will employ 70 people during the Fair and a hundred will work in its pavilion.



EDP is also committed to music in this edition of the Trade Fair. The company has scheduled several concerts of Asturian groups, which will begin at 20:15 hours.

The first concert will take place on Tuesday 6, with the duet MBolados, which cover rock classics. LaBanda de EDP will play on august 7, they are a band formed by employees of the company itself. On august 8, Body & Soul will act, a trio who will delight visitors with the best swing, soul, blues and bossa. On Sunday 11, it will be the turn of Solomones Brothers, who focus their music on soul, funky, blues and jazz since the 80s.

On Monday 12, the stage will be taken by Silvidos y Gemidos, the acoustic project of Silvia Fernández and Gema Fernández, who will cheer up visitor with their “sentimental and evil” show. Lastly, DJ Saimon will entertain the evenings of the 14th and the 16th.


New trademark

The Trade Fair is also the place chosen by the company to advertise their new trademark, which stands out because it strengthens one of the main values of the company, which is closeness. Thus, EDP is presented as “the energy of people”, with a logo that shows dynamism and includes new forms and colors.