FIDMA 2021 tickets raffle

Sunday 19, July 2020

The promotion will begin on July 19, 2021, at 11:00 am and will end on July 25 at 10:00.


The company EDP SPAIN, S.A. with registered office at: Oviedo, Plaza del Fresno 2, (3307 – ASTURIAS) and C.I.F.: A-33473752 organizes, with promotional purposes, the raffle of 200 double tickets to attend FIDMA 2021 from August 7 till August 22 (henceforth, “The Raffle”). This promotion is nationwide, it will develop through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it is exclusive for users that are residents in Spain and of legal age, as set out in the section about participation requirements.

Contact information

Holder: EDP ESPAÑA, S.A. (hereinafter "EDP" and/or the "Holder") ∙ C.I.F.: A-33473752 ∙ Registered Office: Oviedo, Plaza del Fresno 2, (33007 - ASTURIAS) ∙ Registration Data: Commercial Registry of Asturias, Page AS-14614 ∙ URL ∙ Phone number: 902 830 100 ∙ E-mail:



The promotion will start on July 19, 2021, at 12:00 am and will end on July 25 at 10:00. (UTC Madrid).

The raffle will be held on July 26, 2021, among the users that have met all the requirements set out in the present rules, and the winners will be announced.



Participants must follow the dynamics below:

Follow the indications of the publications enabled for the raffle in each channel:

  1. Respond correctly to the publication enabled for the sweepstakes on FACEBOOK
  2. Respond correctly to the publication enabled for the sweepstakes on TWITTER
  3. Respond correctly to the publication enabled for the sweepstakes on INSTAGRAM

The participation requirements will be the following:

  • Those who reside in Spain and are over 18 may participate through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • Only one participation per user will be considered. If the same user comments on more than one occasion, only one participation will be taken into account. One person cannot be winner in more than a social network.
  • Group EDP employees cannot participate nor become winners. Should this be the case, EDP reserves the right to skip the winner from the list and award it to the next alternate.
  • In order to be able to communicate with winners and alternates, users who participate in the Raffle authorize EDP on its various social networks to send them direct messages and public mentions in order to inform them of their status as winners and request their contact information. In case he/she is not reachable via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and does not provide by private message or email such necessary data within 24 hours after EDP has tried to contact him/her, the prize will pass to the next alternate or will be declared void at EDP's decision, which will be irrevocable.

Valid participations must fulfill the requirements mentioned above.

  • EDP will carry out the Raffle using the platform among all the generated comments validly issued in accordance with these Rules.



200 winners and 60 alternates will be chosen as follows:

  • 70 winners and 20 alternates on Facebook
  • 60 winners and 10 alternates on Twitter
  • 70 winners and 20 alternates on Instagram


The winners will be chosen through the use of the platform among all the generated comments validly issued in accordance with these Rules.

EDP may disqualify those who are found not to meet the requirements, if the case arises, or if it is not possible to contact the winner within 24 hours after EDP has attempted to contact the winner in accordance with these Rules, in which case the prize will be passed on to the next alternate or declared void, at EDP's discretion.

Each prize consists of a double ticket (2 single tickets), with 200 double tickets being drawn at the rate of 70 double tickets on Facebook, 60 double tickets on Twitter and 70 double tickets on Instagram for FIDMA 2021 which takes place from August 7 to 22.

Winners, once EDP confirms the prize through a direct message or a public mention in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and once they have provided the necessary data, must contact, via WhatsApp, 48 hours prior to their visit to FIDMA 2021, with the phone number that will be provided by EDP. Once this communication has been made, a person in charge of the EDP stand will go to the door of the Luis Adaro fairgrounds, on the date and time previously agreed with the winners, to provide the double ticket with which they have been awarded, prior identification of the winner. It is necessary to present the ID in order to verify the winner’s identity.


  1. EDP reserves the right to publicly announce the raffle’s result. EDP reserves the right to send private messages and public mentions in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and to mention the winner in its web to communicate the Raffle’s result. The participation in this promotion entails EDP’s access to the name and/or image of the given successful participants, in case that EDP would require it, in marketing or journalistic communications regarding the promotion.
  2. In the event that, on the occasion of this promotion, the participating user makes any kind of comment or uses any image of any kind, he/she certifies that he/she has the necessary rights and/or permissions to publish such comment, being the author of the text and/or multimedia material or, when applicable, having permission of its author, and certifies as well that he/she has obtained the permission of any person mentioned or portrayed in the publication’s image.
  3. The participant user authorizes EDP to share, repost and spread his/her publication and its content in the communication platforms of the company (social media profiles and web), as well as the images that it may contain, without any restriction or compensation.
  4. As required by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, (i) the use of multiple or newly created accounts will mean the automatic disqualification; (ii) as well as the repeatedly publication of the same comment in the same social network.
  5. There won’t be any cash refund of the prize’s value, nor will be EDP under any obligation of exchanging it for another event or any other prize.
  6. The prize explicitly excludes meals, lodging, parking, transportation and any expenses generated by the use of the prize, which shall be borne by the winner.
  7. EDP is not responsible for changes in the FIDMA 2021 programming, outside EDP’s control. It is the winner’s responsibility to meet the requirements established by the organization to assist. In case of not meeting said requirements, or of suffering setbacks, delays or similar situations, EDP is not responsible for the winner’s non-attendance to the FIDMA 2021, nor for the changes or cancellation of such, outside EDP’s control. Under no circumstances it will give the right to the prize’s refund nor to any type of compensation from EDP.

In this sense, EDP declines all responsibility and will have no obligation to compensate the winners in case of cancellation or changes derived from the health situation or for any other reason, the winner not being able to attend due to illness, contagion or quarantine of the winner and/or his/her close contacts or any other cause, difficulties in transportation or mobility restrictions decreed by the health authorities that prevent the winner from attending FIDMA 2021.

  1. The participation in the raffle entails the acceptation of all points of these legal bases. If the winners do not provide the necessary data to EDP, the prize may pass to the next alternate or be declared void and this decision will be irrevocable.



1. If it was demonstrated that any of the participants did not meet the requirements demanded, or that the data provided to participate were not valid, their participation would be considered void and they would automatically be excluded from the raffle, losing any right over the prizes granted in it.

2. In case of breaking the behavior rules gathered in the legal notice of EDP’s Social Networks (that include - but are not limited to – the prohibition of insults, spam and rude comments), EDP reserves the right to disqualify the winners. Comments or opinions which content is considered inadequate, offensive, abusive or discriminatory, or may vulnerate third-party-rights, will not be allowed. Now will be allowed comments or multimedia material against private individuals, that undermine the principles of the right to honor, to personal and family privacy and to one’s own image. EDP does not take responsibility of the damages caused by the comments that participants make in the raffle, and that could hurt the sensibility of other participants anytime.

3. Comments that do not adjust to the Raffle’s subject may also be disqualified.



By way of example, but not limited to, EDP is not responsible for possible losses, theft, delays or any other circumstance attributable to third parties that may affect the development of this raffle, nor for the use made by the participant with respect to the prize obtained from such. EDP assumes no responsibility in cases of force majeure or fortuitous event that could prevent the realization of the raffle or the total or partial enjoyment of the prize. At all times the provisions of the legal notice of EDP Social Networks apply, visible in the link of the publication enabled for the raffle or in the following link



The Raffle is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Entrants release Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from any and all liability for any damages arising from the Raffle.



In accordance with the current regulation in terms of personal data protection, the user is informed that, since the moment he/she takes part in the Raffle, he/she gives specific and unequivocal free consent to the processing of all his/her data by EDP to participate in the present raffle. All data requested by EDP for the participation in the Raffle are mandatory. Additionally, the person concerned is informed that he/she may exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection or limitation, as well as his/her right of his/her data portability, through the email address, as well as through a written request to EDP, to the following address: Plaza del Fresno, 2, 33007 Oviedo, indicating the reference “Entradas FIDMA 2021”.

Likewise, when the person concerned considers that EDP has infringed the rights recognized by the applicable data protection regulations, may bring a claim before the Data Protection Officer ( or before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.



9.1. EDP reserves the right to modify or to broaden the promotional basis, as long as it does not harm or diminish the participants rights in the raffle. EDP reserves the right to cancel or extend the promotion, as long as it does not harm or diminish the participants rights in the promotion. Likewise, EDP may, as long as there is a justified cause, cancel the promotion before its closure date, committing to communicate well in advance the new basis, conditions, or, in its case, the definitive cancellation.

9.2. In case of conflict, disagreement or contradiction in the Basis’ conditions, and in what is planned in the post/publication of the raffle in the web and/or corresponding social network, the provisions of the Legal Basis shall prevail.



The prizes of this promotion will be subject to the rules in force at the time of acceptance of the prize by the prize-winner contained in (i) Law 35/2006 of 28 November on Personal Income Tax, by virtue of which, and, if applicable, EDP will be responsible for withholding or paying on account the aforementioned taxes to which these prizes are subject; (ii) Royal Decree 2069/1999, of December 30, which approves the Statute of the Public Business Entity Loterías y Apuestas del Estado; (iii) Decree 3059/1966, of December 1, which approves the Consolidated Text of Tax Rates; and (iv) other concordant provisions.



These legal bases shall be governed in accordance with Spanish law. The Courts and Tribunals of the city of Oviedo will be competent to resolve any claim or controversy that may arise in relation to the validity, interpretation or fulfillment of these rules.



Participation in this Promotion implies the express acceptance of all the rules contained in these legal bases. The manifestation of non-acceptance or total or partial non-conformity with these Rules will imply the exclusion of the participant and, as a consequence, EDP will be released from the fulfillment of any obligation contracted with said participant