Automóvil eléctrico de EDP circulando por Madrid

Users recharge energy to travel more than eleven million km in 2023 thanks to EDP points

Wednesday 14, February 2024
  • This marks a 9% rise compared to 2022, both in raw recharges as in the amount of recharged energy
  • Furthermore, the company has set up 350 recharge points

To commemorate Energy Day this 14th of February, EDP reinstates its commitment with the expansion of electric transportation in Spain. The energy company continues to expand throughout Spanish territory the infrastructure for its electric recharge point network, proof of its unwavering commitment to the continued development of this network. EDP currently has almost 3 500 recharge points active in Spain, which includes both public access as private recharge points.

The company reported almost 115 700 electric vehicle recharges during 2023, 9% more than in 2022. Between all active public access and private recharge points, managed via the Move On platform by EDP, the company has recharged around 1 700 000 kWh in energy. 9% than in 2022, the same as 11 400 000 km of travel, more or less, and 1 117 tons of CO2 never released into the atmosphere.

Cumulative recharge times rise to 15 265 days. December was the month with the most recharges at 11 400 total, as well as the month that saw the most energy recharged in total: 164 000 kWh.

The company has made agreements with various entities, from local governments to service stations, to make these points happen and promote electric means of transportation. Furthermore, the company has implemented convenient infrastructures in supermarkets or shopping malls, like Ahorramas, to allow for efficient recharges during empty moments in everyday life.

It also has allied itself with companies such as Decathlon, a chain of establishments specialized in sports material that holds more than 400 recharge points in Spain, or Pretroprix, with whom it will deploy the largest network of extra-fast recharges for electric vehicles through installing 88 double recharge points. These allow for the recharge of two cars at once, with up to 250 kW total to share among both vehicles. This is a project funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU, Department of Ecological Transition and Demographical Challenges (Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience).

EDP points are managed through the platform Move on, an innovating app that allows for easy and quick management of recharge facilities.

Sustainable transportation is key for EDP, which aims to achieve 7 000 public recharge points in the Iberian Peninsula in 2026. This represents one of the most impactful fields in the energy sector and will prove essential in the decarbonization of transports.