Acuerdo con Cáritas

EDP will enhance savings and sustainability in 1 700 Caritas’ headquarters in Spain

Wednesday 10, March 2021

The solar energy potential to be installed at the volunteer organization's sites exceeds 29,000 kilowatt peaks, with annual savings equivalent to the average electricity consumption of 12,000 households.

EDP and EDP Foundation have reached an agreement with Caritas to launch photovoltaic facilities for self-consumption in this volunteer organization’s headquarters in Spain. In total, the entity has 1 700 centers with potential and space to carry out solar installations, with which it will reinforce its engagement towards energy savings and sustainability. The first three installations will be carried out in centers in Cordoba.

All the Caritas headquarters with solar potential may benefit from this agreement, that will be developed through contracts of energy services. EDP makes the 100% of the investment and handles the launching, legalization and maintenance of the installation, while each center pays a monthly fee during the contract term. Subsequently, each head office will continue to enjoy the savings and advantages of self-consumption during the lifespan of the installation, estimated in 25 years.

EDP Foundation promotes this collaboration in its program EDP Solidaria, providing 40 000 annual euros that will be destined to cover a part of the Caritas centers’ fees that engage with self-consumption.

A standard installation in one of the head quarters will have an average power of 17 kilowatts peak, which translates in a 20% average annual saving in electric consumption.

In the environmental field, each installation avoids the emission of an average of 7.5 tons of CO2 annually and has an impact in the air quality similar to the one that would have 500 new trees or the avoidance of a 200 000 km car trip.

If the 1 700 Caritas head offices carry out an installation, they will add up an installed power of 29 000 kilowatts peak, which translates into an annual saving equivalent to the average electric consumption of 12 000 households. Moreover, it avoids the emission of 13 000 tons of CO2 each year, a positive environmental impact, similar to the one that would have almost a million new trees.

Furthermore, Caritas will organize annually, for the employees of its headquarters, training courses regarding energy efficiency, that will be taught by EDP volunteers.

This agreement reinforces the commitment of the three entities with the 2030 Agenda of the UN and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), at the same time that it reflects the potential of solar self-consumption to boost energy savings and sustainability.


The first three installations, in Cordoba

Three of the Diocesan Caritas centers in Cordoba have already agreed to implement photovoltaic installations for self-consumption. They are the ones located in the Miguel de Unamuno Avenue, the industrial estate Las Quemadas and the rest home Acera del Río.

Between the three heads offices they will generate an annual saving equivalent to the average consumption of 25 households and avoid an emission of 40 tons of CO2.